Wednesday, January 26, 2011


I'm taking these little "technicolor goggles" as I like to refer to them, and going on a little adventure... to MALAWI! For two years.
Ok, clearly I've not been stelar with my blogging over the past... two years. However, now I have my very own real excuse to blog, and people may even want to read it!

Please see photo as expression of my stress level. No joke.

I'm at t-minus 29 more days until I leave. That just isn't a very long time. I like to think that I've been super organized and prepared; doing things like selling my car, moving out of my perfect apartment, finding a foster home for my cat, quitting my job(s), getting rid of all my earthly possessions; piece of cake! Now its time for very serious, and non-fun things like packing, learning Chichewa, and saying good bye to everyone and everywhere I love.

Language is kicking my ass, and I've started calling it "chiche-won't" to myself because I won't learn it. I'm convinced I'm going to be the crazy white American girl/village idiot who just gesticulates wildly and makes strange moaning noises around food. Please send positive and encouraging language vibes my way.

Otherwise, I'm packing, sort of. I own a multi-tool, a backpacking backpack, some clothes that MIGHT work, and a packing list. Oh and 4 jumbo vacuum seal bags. I'm optimistic that I can manage to fit everything I own into two 4olbs bags. Please send positive and encouraging packing vibes my way as well.

In the meantime, to deal with the above stressors I am attempting to manage my sanity in a spectrum of ways ranging from super healthy to absurdly unhealthy. For instance, to cope with stress yesterday I purchased a four cup bag of shredded extra sharp cheese and just ate it straight out of the bag. I wonder if this is how I'll deal with stress in Africa? Certainly not with cheese; I can't believe I'll start stress eating yams.

Don't worry. At some point I will actually have substance to these posts. I'm going to rock your world with all the crazy awesome, insightful, deep posts. Just you wait.