Monday, April 25, 2011

Where in the world Is katie??

Hi to everyone. I know that my communication has been really
terrible. I promise that once things settle down I will be much
easier to contact. A quick update on my life:I've spent the past week traveling to visit my new home to
figure out what improvements need to be made, and get an idea of the
work I will be doing. For the next two years I will be living in the
village of Chiwali, in the Tycholo District, working at Malamulu
Hospital and nursing school. My job will be whatever I want it to be.
I'm thinking I will start with teaching Fundamentals of Nursing and
Community Nursing. My hope is to teach nursing empowerent and
community resposibility.
My house is big by Malawian standards with two bedrooms, a living
room, kitchen, and indoor shower room, and, of course, an outhouse.
There is no electricity, and no running water. I've actually learned
to live without these things, and I'm getting quite good at carrying
water on my head and building a fire.
I will be living in the middle of a 7th day Adventist community (not
sure what this is, so I have some research to do). On the whole I
feel very safe, especially since Peace Corps has insisted on hiring me
two guards to watch my house!
Once I'm settled in my village I will have internet at the college and
should be able to email and maybe even update my blog. The internet
is so slow in this country that I currently can't get the blog to load
at all.
In the meantime, I have a phone!! Please don't hesitate to call,
although I can't recieve texts (I'm working on this).
I THINK my number is +265992124528 (you have to use the + sign) if you
are calling from a cell phone, and 001265992124528 from a landline. I
sent this number out to several of you, but I suspect it may have been
the wrong format since I didn't hear from anyone. You can also try
calling from Skype for those of you that have accounts; the country
code is 265. If you try and call and it doesn't work please make sure
to email me and let me know so I can figure out the correct number to
contact me.
The mail system is terrible here, and I haven't received one single
letter from anyone, but please keep trying! It is very hard to be so
cut off from all the people I care about. I will keep sending letters, blog posts,
and emails as I can.
Everyone please be very safe and know that I am thinking of you, and
would love to hear from you!