Thursday, September 13, 2012

Delayed in Paradise with a New Camera Phone

My fourteen hour layover in Amsterdam

Village Life, take 2

In all fairness I wasn't really living in a village.  I was living 7 km from asphalt on a Presbyterian Church compound with electricity and a flush toilet; I love that I have to specify it's a "flush" toilet.  I think I did a very good job making the best out of my homeless situation. 

Interesting how all my activities centered
around food.  Those seven pounds are laughing
in my face right now.  

Picking Lemons in the orchard
Main ingredient in Goat Curry
Weekly milk run
Homemade cheese success!

Making Strawberry-Basil Jam

Playing Catch Up

Ouch.  Fourth of July since my last post?  Sorry...  
What you've missed:

- Went back to America to be a groomsman in my friend's wedding. I was the oldest and most female ring bearer of all time. 
- Gained SEVEN pounds in just TWO weeks.  The math on this is truly staggering as I was eating the recommended caloric intake of a male olympic gymnast. 
- Spent one glorious day in Amsterdam
 - Came home to no home
- Temporarily moved back into "the village"
- Moved back to Blantyre