Tuesday, May 7, 2013

By Land or by Sea

A bit tired of finding our own fun, we decided to be real tourists for a day and let someone bring the fun to us. We booked a tour that included a few hours exploring the volcano lip, a dip in the nearby hot springs, followed up by a sunset cruise that was described to us as"THE life affirming sunset."
Turns out the most fun part of the day was actually getting to the tour company, which was waaaay down at the bottom of the caldera (look it up), and since we were running late we took the donkey taxis down.  Awesome! Jake managed to be very poorly located when a certain donkey decided to relieve himself.
The volcano was... hot, shocking. We were total wimps and sat in the shade for most of our allotted exploring time.
The hot springs were quite an adventure, a little reminiscent of the dolphin incident. It was 5:30pm by the time we made it to the hot springs. The boat parked about 100 yards away from the springs and they told us we would have to jump in and quickly swim the rest of the way. This is a problem for two reasons.
1. My aforementioned swimming abilities
2. That water is cold! It is only early May, and the Mediterranean does not stay at bath water temperature all year (a fact Jake neglected to mention when planning this trip).
Jake didn't think he could convince me to come along, so he hopped in the water and just left me! This total lack of faith, coupled with some serious heckling by the Japanese passengers (seriously, they were taunting me!) found me spluttering and frantically dog paddling towards warmer water. Unfortunatly, these were less hot springs and more like luke-warm springs, but at least I can say I experienced them!
There is real fear behind those sunglasses 

Jake about 8 seconds before he was pooped on by another donkey

I risked my life on the back of my donkey to take this photo. 

Tour boat. 

Tour boat in front of lava

Volcano hole

Our lives were indeed affirmed with this sunset


  1. As I'm sitting in bed drinking coffee this morning, I feel like I'm out on the islands, channeling through the two of you. The pictures and running commentary are priceless.
    It has been nothing but cool and rainy in the midwest, so any thing that shows sunlight and sand is most welcome.
    Love the posts and pics,Mark

  2. Mark placed the last comment on my google acct. My comment is: You two keep us totally entertained over our morning coffee. Then I have so much to tell my morning walkers. Your photos are breathtaking and sometimes hilarious! Kathy

  3. Glad you guys are enjoying reading as much as we are enjoying writing! We are sitting here drinking Turkish tea and reading through your comments.