Saturday, May 18, 2013

Refreshingly Fethiye™

Turkey is awesome!  We arrived in Turkey through the port town of Fethiye, which the lonely planet guidebook essentially ignored and breezed over, so we weren't expecting much, but I suppose that just made it even better when it turned out to be our favorite town yet! 
Fethiye is more like a small city, sprawled several miles down the coast, but only going a few blocks back from the water. The entire waterfront is gorgeous with sidewalks, benches every few meters, crazy topiaries, big city squares, great lighting, little outdoor public gyms, and even a running track that follows along the sidewalk. 
The Turks seem to be very concerned with good health, all of them jumping around on their outdoor gyms and speed walking everywhere.  When I went on a morning run I had not one but two people yell out reminders to " bring water next time!" 
Jake is so enamored with this place I'm pretty sure he's secretly picking out property to build on, and he seems very concerned with their marketing schemes and keeps muttering "you know what their slogan should be, Refreshingly Fethiye!" I had no idea I was dating a PR exec. 
     Jake has a go at the outdoor gym

    Look at that crazy topiary!

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