Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Off to Rhodes

We've really made a total mess of the bus system here on Kos, getting left, misreading wrong bus schedules, getting bad information. We just barely made it to our ferry in time. We left for Rhodes Island this afternoon. We hear it's quite the place to go with big castles and awesome beaches. Very exciting! On a side note, I have to give some credit to sweet Jake, who has been so great during this trip. He totally downplayed Easter day, omitting that we couldn't find the restaurant and ended up driving around in circles for an hour, with almost no gas in the car, until I got so cranky and hungry I couldn't take it anymore (I was the navigator and I failed miseraably).  I'm ashamed to admit how awful I was, but Jake took it all in stride asking me if I want to get ice cream to hold me over.  I kid you not I stood there in the street, a grown, almost 30 year old woman, and stamped my feet and yelled "I don't want ice cream!!" What a brat.  It was all ok I the end, and I did stop acting like an angry toddler.
Jake has also spent hours and hours researching all our planes and buses and hotels. I know he likes doing it, but it's made the whole vacation that much more enjoyable and relaxing for me.
Anyway, we made it to Rhodes, and thanks to Jake, travel was very uneventful, walked alomost two miles to our nearest hotel with all of our bags, but that's ok; I'll burn those calories anyway I can!! Doing my "arm workout" with two water bottles in the hotel room doesn't exactly seem to be getting me into wedding dress shape.
All smiles in my fancy new (giant) sunglasses, which are guaranteed to prevent corneal burns. 
Notice Jake has transitioned from his transitions. 

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