Sunday, May 26, 2013

Jake skips down cobbled lanes

For the record, I strenuously disagree with our editor for giving Katie the "Goreme" story and me the Safranbolu beat. While I thoroughly enjoyed visiting this UNESCO site, what words can I use? "Quaint"? "Little"? "Cute"? Ok, here goes:

This quaint little town is really cute.

Pulitzer, I await your call. Safranbolu is Turkey's best preserved Ottoman town. It was originally put on the map because of the large amount of saffron it grew (my guess is as good as yours but I think we can probably all agree that's where its name comes from). The homes are built from sun-dried mud brick, wood and stucco. I would recommend a google images search or looking at Katie's pictures even though the way I painted this for you, you probably feel like you were there.

Honey comb, butter and fresh bread good.

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  1. Jake, you ought to give up the grad school plan and go directly into writing travel guides. Amazing natural ability. mama