Monday, May 13, 2013


We finished our lovely touring and boating by getting on another boat, only this boat was scheduled to leave at 1am. We planned to just go to the port around 9pm, get dinner, and just camp out at a table for several hours, something that appears to be totally acceptable in Greece.  Of course, the transportation industry had other plans for us, and we couldn't find a bus that left for the port until midnight.  We had already checked out of our hotel, had all of our bags with us, making moving around a little awkward and uncomfortable. I left Jake with the bags and went to scout out a place that wouldn't be appalled at our gross backpacks, and wasn't a ton of money (Santorini restaurants charge about $12 per olive).
We found an acceptable parking spot for us and all our crap, had a nice dinner, dragged ourselves to the bus depot at midnight, got on a bus, sat on a concrete slab at the port got on the boat around 2am, and tried to sleep a little. Jake did really well, I'm guessing drugging him with Benadryl helped.  I eventually moved to the floor of the boat and let the soothing voice of Ira Glass and his tales of Chicago School violence rock me to sleep.
Many very uncomfortable hours later found us on Kos Island.  Kos is probably going to be the least touristy of our destinations. We're planning to get out of the city and stay in another studio apartment on a quiet beach. It's Easter weekend so we're hoping to soak in some good Greek Orthodox Easter traditions and culture; we've been told that the Greek Islands are the place to be for Easter.  We are very excited!

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