Tuesday, May 7, 2013

The Salad Days

We spent 3 wonderful days on Santorini's Perissa beach, known for its black lava sand. We had a studio so we took a little break from restaurant menus and server tips and made my personal favorite, Spaghetti! (Without Mexican food around, I have learned to substitute spaghetti as my staple, which I eat on average 4-5 time a week and for multiple meals.  There's nothing better than cold spaghetti straight out of the pot first thing in the morning with just a sprinkle of salt, but Jake says we can't eat spaghetti every day in Greece; he's probably right.)
We left Perissa on a Wednesday afternoon after lazying around all morning. We're now carrying two backpacks a piece now, plus two of my purses (poor jake is being forced to carry a purse, thank goodness it's Europe), and that particular day we even had my leftover salad from lunch that I was guilted into taking with me from our lunch cafe, plus a total of 3 liters of water. That made for a hot sweaty, crabby walk to the bus stop. We promptly missed the bus. I swear to you that bus driver looked us right in the eye and just kept driving. I thought we were both going to have an anger induced stroke right there in the middle of the road, but we are level-headed and mature travelers, so we sat down and pouted until some guy, claiming to be a taxi, offered us a lift into Fira, for a steep price of course. We took it since the next bus was hours away.  We arrived in Fira to find our hotel locked up tight, no one around, and still with all our waters, purses, salads and backpacks.  Thank goodness for Jake, he kept a level head, found an Internet cafe, found a number, found a phone, called the hotel, discovered the hotel we prebooked was "closed", found us another hotel, and bought me an iced coffee. In the meantime I sat "guarding" the luggage, but really I just sat there, watching the dressing drip from the salad containers, feeling pitiful, and read the only book I have on my Kindle, Ozma of Oz, long story. 
It all worked out, and we ended our day having our first Sushi dinner, a rare treat for both of us, and watched the sunset over gorgeous Santorini. 
The salad didn't make it. 

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