Saturday, May 18, 2013

Kayaköy (what could have been)

Jake and I made a special day trip to visit the ghost town of Kayakoy. This is where we had originally planned to have our tiny destination wedding, now of course we've moved it to Portland and are very excited to be able to include more of our loved ones in our big day. Anyway, we wanted to go see it both for sentimental reasons and because it sounded amazing. The basic backstory is around the 1920's, during the Turkish war, Turkey and Greece agreed to mutually expel their Turkish and Greek expatriates. As a result, thousands of people were forced to leave their homes in Turkey and Greece, some with no more than a days notice, and move back to their countries of origin. Kayakoy village was home to hundreds of Greek families on the Turkish coast who were forced out, and the houses were never resettled. The wood has now rotted and all the belongings are scattered, but the walls and foundations still remain. There are over 400 abandoned houses for tourists to walk through. Jake and I had a great afternoon exploring and poking around this strange, and sad but beautiful village. I'm afraid my pictures just didn't do it justice but I'll post them anyway. 

They are so cute from far away and so gross close up

   Houses on the Hill

The Abandoned church we had hoped to get married in. Strange, I know, but so cool. 

  The "never ending wine tasting" at the "would be" reception restaurant

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