Monday, May 13, 2013

Greek Easter

Greek Orthodx Easter landed on the 5th of May this year. Katie and I rented a little Suzuki soft top and drove around the island. Our first destination was a hot springs on the beach just outside Kos Town (we were staying in a little beachside community). It was a very pleasant and though popular, not too crowded. We spent an hour or so soaking in the spring and then cooling off in the sea. We had a difficult time finding gas but did manage an open station after some hunting. Drove in to town for a late lunch and found a restaurant open with a lamb on a spit. I had the lamb and Katie had a giant bowl of steamed mussels. We were both very happy. After finding another beach and returning the tiniest four wheel drive ever made, we had a nap and went back out to eat. Finished around 11 and headed to church. We sat in the lobby? vestibule? And could not see any of the service leaders as they droned on in a chant. Almost all of the parishioners simply came in, purchased a prayer candle, kissed an icon, lit their candle, placed it in the designated sandbox-like receptacle as another woman blew it out and immediately disposed of to make room for the new prayers. We watched people jostle and greet in this tiny room for over an hour. A procession made its way down the aisle and out the church. By this time, the entryway was jammed and loud explosions started to occur. Counterintuitively, we shoved our way through the crowd, out of the church and towards the 1/4 sticks of dynamite, yes dynamite, being ignited. Outside, the priest was continuing his prayers but nothing could be heard over the demolitions going on all around us. We decided that a drink was in order and made a hasty retreat.
Statue of Socrates who lived on Kos 

Driving for the first time in 2 years!

"working donkeys are living donkey" 

Hot Springs

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