Friday, May 17, 2013

Rhodes Island

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We arrived the day after (Greek) Easter. We booked four nights at a budget hotel, The Parthenon. They appeared to have spent most of their money on flat screen tvs, glass elevators and empty pools rather than comfortable beds/pillows but that doesn't matter, we didn't come to hang at the hotel. We spent our first day wandering the old town. We were a little overwhelmed at how "touristy" it was. A lot of real estate was dedicated to hawking junk except for glazed shot glasses which Katie managed to root out, which I'm sure are one of a kind. (Jake pretends he isn't excited about them, lies) We found a wonderful seafood restaurant our guidebook recommended and had some more delicious mussels and shrimp. 

I had trouble sleeping that night (probably pouring over blogs, hostel websites or trying to figure out transportation) so Katie took herself shopping the next morning and I'm sure found some fantastic deals on high quality merchandise. We spent that evening bar hopping and eating street food.

On Wednesday, we went to Lindos, the most popular beach spot named and after the creator of the Colossus of Rhodes. We took an hour-long bus ride without our bathing suits to the best beach on the island so we had to see some ruins instead. After the climb to the fortress we arrived at 2:40 pm, the exact time of its closure. We spent the rest of our time slowly eating at a restaurant with a spectacular view.

Our hydrofoil left Rhodes/Greece in the afternoon so we had enough time to see The Palace of the Grand Master. It was a pretty impressive place; especially the mosaics. Of course, we didn't leave ourselves very much time to make our international trip across the sea so we had to run with our two backpacks each, purses, etc. and sweat through passport control. We boarded our vessel out of a Jules Verne novel and headed to Turkey.

Palace of the Grand Master

Katie getting camera happy

Street lined with stations of the cross and palm fronds for Easter

Old town

Blue truck

Old town



Katie insisted I add her artsy photo

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